2008 Standard Catalog of World Coins: 2001 to Date (Standard by Colin R Bruce, Thomas Michael

By Colin R Bruce, Thomas Michael

2008 average Catalog of worldwide cash twenty first Century second variation 2001 thus far — Это копия официального электронного каталога Krause. Есть возможность увеличения изображений монет и поиска по тексту. Квалифицированный справочник, представляет цены, изображения и характеристики монет периода с 2001 года по сегодняшний день. Информация удобно упорядочена по странам и выпускам монет, что обеспечивает быстрый поиск. Каталог содержит более 5000 фотографий монет. Незаменимое пособие для коллекционеров.

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3 ln Sici1y and in Magna Graccia the didracbm was known as a nomos; it comained ten litroi in Sicily and sometlmes in 1\•fagna Graecia, where lhe subd ivision into twe1ve Q/Joloi was also uscd. The numismatic evidence {sec above) makcs it clcar that the oho1, and nor the litra, was the norm in Campania. 4 A. Burnctt, SNR 19ïï, ~H . 'The coinagcs of Rome 01 nd 1\'fagna Grac;da in tht~ la le fOurlh and third centuries BC '. P. < à Romt 2 {Rome, 1980), 3, · La genèse ct les prenûèrcs réductions du monnayage romain', sa ys notlüug of intcrest.

Bebind, Anem is with two torches; below, APT[EMI](doros)/ Man-faced bull r. crowned by Victory; below, monogram; in exergue, B\c! ; around,jistlus and Nola, obols of All ifae, didrachms and obols of Fistelia and anonymous obols normally auributcd to Fistelia (compare the Frasso Telesino, Campania and Capua boards) ; the Calvi Risorta hoard a Iso con tains one obol of the Pcri poloi Pi tana tai , clearly a group of mercenaries similar to the Mamcrtini, but functioning as an autonomous unit somewhere in the south of 1tai y.

FOwl r. , <1>11\QN Elements sous droits d'auteur THE A PP EARANCF. sirh? ,_, •Altamura Sol• - ~TAr~ntum Ca11sili11A • ··-=-,: "-:7.. ·''' - ;>-.. < ~= • ,. ~ 100 Iii"! IO} and coinages were also produced for ' Hyrina' (the commonest form of the legend ), Nota, the Campa ni ( = Ca pua), th e Fenserni, 'Fistelia' (the commonest form of the legend) and Allifae. east Cumae and H yrina also continued to strike didrachms down to and perhaps beyond the middle of the fourth cent ury. elia and Allifae struck prolific issues of obols and smaller pieces for muc h of the century.

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