6,000 Miles of Fence by Cordia Duke,Joe B. Frantz

By Cordia Duke,Joe B. Frantz

This e-book of recollections of outdated XIT Ranch cowmen places on checklist the typical lifetime of the people who made the ranch run.

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6,000 Miles of Fence

This ebook of memories of previous XIT Ranch cowmen places on checklist the typical lifetime of the people who made the ranch run.

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An eager observer, she early began the habit of keeping a diary. As time passed, she had the foresight to realize that the sweaty, tired, hungry cowhands with whom she visited were part of a unique phase of American life. What she particularly perceived was that these men would be glamorized and the memory of their work distorted by writers who could sense a pay vein when they saw one. Besides keeping her own diary, she encouraged these cowhands—some barely literate, some with a fine sense of communication, but nearly all of them men who could go months or even years without taking pencil in hand—to jot down descriptions of what they did as cowboys.

The same confusion exists with the word “Alamocitos,” spelled also as “Alamositas,” and in other variations. In each such instance I have been forced to be arbitrary and to take a stand for consistency’s sake. In some cases I would be hard put to defend my position, as all I seem to have done is to touch off controversy among members of the University of Texas Spanish Department and between the members of that department and the official makers of the map of Texas. JBF “We did fine until we got to the wagon yard” AND MORE WORK EVERY MONDAY MORNING the six-mule freight team and its trailer would set out from the XIT, heading for Amarillo, the nearest rail point, eighty miles away.

If the freighter had happened to think of it, he would have picked up the mail—if there was any. He definitely would bring news and gossip, of which there would be some. As for the cowboys, they had spent the interval between Monday dawn and Saturday sundown working at familiar tasks, chores so automatic and repetitious that the return of the camp tomcat from a two-day search for companionship could be as absorbing a conversational topic as a visit to the United States by a Russian dictator is today.

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