A Bardon Companion: Commentary Upon Franz Bardon's Books by Rawn Clark

By Rawn Clark

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It descends into a long succession of temporary astral and physical forms but does not itself dissolve. The three bodies of the human being serve as a handy analogy for understanding the interaction of th e three corresp onding realms. One of the advantages of Bardon's system is that it directly relates the three realms to the student's three bodies. In this way, the student learns to experience each realm by f irst e xperiencing it s impact upon t heir persona l ex perience. The path leads from the intimately personal to the universal.

5 cm) diameter. Draw a vertical line, from edge to edge, through the center point of the circle. Then draw a corre sponding horizontal l ine through t he ce nter point. , an equal-armed cross within a circle. Now label the poles of the cross. Writing just outside of the circle, put 'Fire' to the right, 'Water' to the left, 'Air' on top, and 'Earth' at the bottom. Just inside the circle write the following: Above the Fire line, put 'Hot', and below, put 'Dry'. Above the Water line, put 'Wet', and below, put 'Cold'.

The Fluids are the root of the Elements Fire and Water. This is why, in the course of IIH, the student looks within the Fire Element for the Electric Fluid and within the Water Element for the Magnetic Fluid. It is in fact, difficult for the student to at first differentiate between the primary Elements and the Fluids. But there is a difference -- it's just difficult to explain. Within the Fire Element, the Electric Fluid is found in the Fire's expansiveness, heat and light. The Magnetic Fluid is found within the Water's contractiveness, cold and d arkness.

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