A Comparative Geography of China and the U.S. by Rudi Hartmann, Jing'ai Wang, Tao Ye

By Rudi Hartmann, Jing'ai Wang, Tao Ye

The booklet is the result of a distinct enterprise: a staff of chinese language geographers and a crew of yank geographers collaborated on a brand new Comparative Geography of China and the U.S.. The ebook meets a excessive call for for comparative information regarding China and the U.S., because the domestic of the 2 top economies in a globalizing global. Comparisons of the 2 nations contain the similarities and modifications of their actual environments and average dangers, the expansion and altering spatial distribution of inhabitants and ethnic teams in China and the united states, traditions and modern local expressions of agriculture and nutrition creation in addition to the swiftly altering city and commercial styles in either nations. The publication additionally highlights the 2 nations’ interconnectedness, in alternate and within the alternate of cultural, social, medical & technological details. the amount serves as a huge source in geographic schooling because it contributes to a greater and extra entire figuring out of the formation and improvement of the 2 nations’ easy geographical styles and processes.

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Many Islands are distributed here; and the most famous are the Hainan Island and the Taiwan Island. China contains five kinds of landform types, including mountain, plateau, hill, basin, and plain. S. 0 25 360 720 KM Elevation (m) -100 0 50 200 500 1000 1500 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 Fig. 1 The topography/landforms of China extensive, accounting for 59 % of the total China land area followed by basins (19 %), plains (12 %), and hills (10 %) (Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1985). China is a mountainous country, where the mountainous regions account for about 65 % of its total land area.

Glacial moraines are widely distributed in the Ohio and New York areas, due to the invasion of the glaciations during the Quaternary. The Atlantic Coastal Plain is America’s most developed industrial area. S and Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. Its north-south extent covers the entire central US, east-west spans 5,000 km, and accounts for one half of the total US territory. It is composed mainly of three physiographic regions: the 30 J. Wang et al. Eastern Plain, the Western Plain, and the Southeastern Coastal Plain.

Consequently, the southerly wind prevails and brings warm and moist weather conditions to this area. The monsoons influencing China in the summer are classified as the southeastern and southwestern monsoons. S. 33 and mainly affects the eastern region of China. The southwestern monsoon has two sources, one comes from the southwestern monsoon in the Indian Ocean, which forms a low altitude jet stream in the Arabian Sea, and then affects southwestern and southern China through the Indian Peninsula; the other is from the trade winds in northern Australia, which cross over the equator and then continue to flow northward to affect southern and central China.

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