A Decision Support System for Evaluating Ranges and Airspace by Robbert et al

By Robbert et al

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Low-Level Routes. Air-to-ground sorties are generally required by training publications (AFI 11-2 series) to incorporate a low-level ingress route. An MTR typically connects to a MOA surrounding a range. The length of the route, its required altitudes, and other required attributes are captured in the range and airspace database. Maneuver Areas. Air-to-ground sorties may require controlled airspace for attack tactics and threat reaction, generally requiring a MOA and perhaps a vertically adjacent ATCAA.

They represent minimums considered necessary for the sortie to produce some standardized training value. 21 ______________ 20A few units fly a large number of sorties on ranges that they do not control, which can result in a mission conflict and loss of scheduled training time. Usually, once a non-owning unit arranges for time on a range, there is little chance of mission conflicts with the owning unit. However, we found at least one range (White Sands Missile Range Complex) where the range time could be canceled by range controllers within 15 minutes before entry time.

11 because of unfavorable placement of the target array relative to the boundaries of the WSFA. Our count of accommodated delivery types is premised on optimal placement of the target array within the available WSFA. 11—continued Range WSFA Accommodated Dare County Goldwater Grand Bay Melrose Unknown Unknown Not InfraRequireAccommodated structurea menta 210 210 27 146 Poinsett 183 64 210 Saylor Creek 173 37 Townsend 106 104 UTTR R6402 210 R6404 210 R6405 210 R6406 210 R6407 210 a“Unknown infrastructure” indicates that information needed to evaluate the range is unknown.

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