A History of Disease in Ancient Times: More Lethal than War by Philip Norrie

By Philip Norrie

This booklet exhibits how bubonic plague and smallpox helped finish the Hittite Empire, the Bronze Age within the close to East and later the Carthaginian Empire. The booklet will research the entire attainable infectious ailments found in precedent days and exhibit that lifestyles was once an everyday fight for survival both heading off or struggling with opposed to those infectious illness epidemics. The e-book will argue that infectious sickness epidemics are a severe hyperlink within the chain of causation for the loss of life of such a lot civilizations within the old international and that historical historians may still not forget about them, as is at the moment the case.

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1258 BCE. The “Treaty of Kadesh” is the oldest written surviving peace treaty in the world and a copy of it hangs in the United Nations Assembly Building in New York, USA. Hattusili’s son Tudhaliya IV was the last strong Hittite king. He kept the Assyrians out of Syria and even temporarily annexed the island of Cyprus for his empire, but unfortunately he could not prevent the Hittite Empire’s final demise. The last Hittite king Suppiluliuma II came to the throne in 1207 BCE. He won a naval battle against the “Sea Peoples” off the coast of Cyprus, but this was a late gesture of defiance as the “Sea Peoples” continued to conquer the Near East lands, cutting off the Hittite trade routes and isolating the Hittite Kingdom, which eventually ended in the early twelfth century BCE.

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