Tracy - Treatise on Political Economy by Antoine Louis Claude Destutt de Tracy

By Antoine Louis Claude Destutt de Tracy

The forget of Antoine Louis Claude Destutt de Tracy (17541836) within the background of political financial system is either unusual and tragic. He was once, finally, Thomas Jefferson's no 1, favourite economist, the philosopher who motivated him and, arguably, laid the ideological beginning of the yank economy as Jefferson understood it.

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Time and different kinds of resistance and waste are susceptible of very exact divisions.

Then as to the research of data, and to the fixation of their importance, the pretended science of probability is composed of a multitude of different sciences, according to the subject on which it is employed ; and consequently it is not a particular science. As to the combination of the data once established, the science of probability is nothing, when we employ calculation therein, but the science of quantity or of calculation itself; for the difficulty does not consist in giving to abstract unity any concrete value whatever, and sometimes one and sometimes another, but in knowing all the resources which perfect calculation furnishes to make of this unity and of all its, multiplied combinations the most complicated, and to connect them regularly without losing their clue.

All these bankers, exchangers, lenders, discounters, &c. &c. have a great tendency to form themselves into large companies under the pretext of rendering their services on more reasonable terms, but in fact to be paid more dearly for them. All these privileged companies, after the emission of a great number of notes, end in obtaining authority to refuse payment at sights and thus forcibly introduce a paper monev. XX11 CHAPTER VII. Reflections on what precedes. Thus far I believe myself to have followed the best course i'or the attainment of the object which I propose.

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