Alaska Science Nuggets (Natural History) by Neil Davis

By Neil Davis

Do iceworms consume ice?  are you able to pay attention the aurora?  How does mosquito repellent work?  Why are Alaskan volcanoes lightly spaced alongside the coast?  Is it attainable for decent water to freeze speedier than chilly water?  the place are Alaska's greater than a hundred twenty five scorching springs?  Why are northern twilights so long?  Do glaciers slide or do they flow?  Why do snowflakes flutter as they fall? In Alaska technological know-how Nuggets, Neil Davis solutions those and plenty of different fascinating questions within the pleasing and informative type that makes him one in every of Alaska's favourite technology writers.  This compendium of approximately four hundred articles, together with articles through different members to a technological know-how column carried through a variety of Alaska newspapers, discusses phenomena as various because the northern lighting, permafrost, glaciers, meteorology, volcanoes, earthquakes, archaeology, Alaskan vegetation, mammoths, early people, and northern living. Tourists and long-time Alaskans alike have made this much-loved e-book a bestseller for years.  Alaska technology Nuggets is a brilliant reference or reward for someone attracted to the outstanding usual background of the North.

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The current cycle 21, starting about now, probably will be even weaker, since there seems to be a trend toward several low-activity cycles immediately after an especially active one. Hence those of us who were adults during the spectacular years of 1957 and 1958 are unlikely to see in our lifetimes such numerous, brilliant displays again. Nov 76:127 A False Solar Alarm On April 12, 1978, the national news media distributed the prediction that extensive auroras and radio blackout would cover much of the world.

Jupiter's Red SpotThe Auroral Connection Since it was discovered in 1665, Jupiter's Giant Red Spot has come and gonefor reasons not known. At times, it merely may have been that no one with adequate telescopes was paying attention. The Red Spot was weak or not observed at all during the rest of the 17th century. However, this period was the time of the Maunder Minimuman epoch when there were very few sunspots. For reasons such as this, the suggestion has been made that Jupiter's Red Spot, like the Earth's aurora, is strongly affected by solar activity.

Together the aurora australis and the aurora borealis are known as the aurora polaris. Nowadays the simple name aurora is mostly used, as is the name Northern Lights. Jan 80:A1 The Solar Wind Over the course of the year, northerners receive less sunlight than those farther south, but, in one sense, they make up for it by getting more of the direct effects of the solar wind. Like sunlight, the solar wind derives from the sun, but it has quite different characteristics. Sunlight is composed of electromagnetic waves whereas the solar wind is made up of tiny particles, mostly electrons and protons.

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