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And before a fourth bullet could escape the muzzle of her pistol, he was on her. His body burned with the heat of an oven and the stink of sweat and blood was all over him, then all over her as Seven grabbed her by her hair and hurled her aside, his body smaller than hers, his strength so far beyond what they’d expected it would ever be. The pain of her scalp separating from her skull was staggering. Still, there was a part of her, the scientist beyond the woman who was worried about her job and projects, that rejoiced.

Ten wonderful, amazing years. They worked together, of course. There wasn’t much chance of either of them ever meeting anyone outside of Janus because the work was too involved to let them go out and have real lives. Especially now. They’d been working for years, but the latest results from their tests seemed positive, wonderfully, almost magically successful. Six months, maybe a year, and they’d know for sure. That was one problem with a life of scientific study: you could never move too quickly or you risked missing something important.

Seven reached out and touched the leather of the sofa with his hand. It was cool and soft under his bloodstained fingers. When he pulled back, there was a streak of gore to show that he had touched, had marred, the world of the Other. That thought made him smile and want to scream at the same time. The rage won. He grabbed the leather and hooked his fingers into claws and then tore at the leather as hard as he could until it split with a loud purring rip and revealed the soft stuffing inside. He liked the feeling so much that he did it a second time and then decided he would destroy other things.

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