An Elementary Arithmetic by G. A. Wentworth

By G. A. Wentworth

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How many for 9 cents oranges can you ? how many pears can you buy and how many cents will be left ? 2 cents apiece, for 9 cents, dish. Part 11. LESSON 10 Look at the 1 1 number picture on the right. do you see over the 2 1 ten. Look ? Then 12 means one at the middle at ? and two 1 ^ ones. What do you see What do you see over Then 11 means one ten and one. What the number picture on the left. do you see over the 1 ten What Over the 2 ones. number. over the 1 at the right? the 1 at the left Look 1.

Away 4 blocks, how many will be left ? away 7 blocks, how many will be left ? away 2 blocks, how many will be left ? away 1 block, how many will be left ? away 8 blocks, how many will be left ? If are : minus 3 9 minus 6 9 minus 7 9 minus 8 9 minus 2 9 ? 34. 7 minus 4 ? minus 6 minus 3 7 minus 2 7 minus 5 ? ? ? 7 ? 7 ? ? minus 9 minus 8 minus 9 minus 6 minus 9 4 ? 5 ? 3 ? 1 ? 4 ? Emma may take 3 blocks at a time for 3 times. How many blocks has Emma ? How many blocks, then, are 3 times 3 blocks ?

DRILL EXERCISE. may put the following groups of dots on the upon the pupils one by one to tell the number of dots as she touches the squares at random, with a pointer. Every child should be carefully drilled on this exercise until he can name each Note. The Teacher board, and number • • call of dots instantly. LESSON THE SIGNS The sign = = 23. AND 23 +. stands for the word are or iSc Copy, and use the sign that stands for are 12. 13. and 2 and 4 and 3 2 and 4 1 7. 6. The sign + stands Copy, and use the 3 1 1 2 4 2 2 3 = = = = for the and 1 2 and 5 3 and 2 2 and 2 5 : 6.

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